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Apr 23rd, 2010 Why Floss? A West London dentist explains why Get in touch

Flossing is a method of cleaning in between the teeth to get rid of food debris, and keep down the build up of tartar says a West London dentist. Imagine your house having a clean floor with dirty skirting boards, which would look so out of place that it would be very obvious. Well that’s exactly what flossing is, it is the cleaning of the areas that the main method of cleaning miss, you wouldn’t vacuum a carpet and leave dirt around the sides, so why clean your teeth and not floss? It’s not as if it’s even a hard or time consuming exercise. Tartar will build up around the sides of your teeth if flossing isn’t done on a regular basis, this is generally chipped off the tooth when we get our 6 monthly check up, but to prevent the build up in the first place is the sensible thing to do. Flossing is as important as brushing and rinsing properly, even more so, as brushing and rinsing does not remove most of the food residue in between the teeth. This food is attacked by bacteria which feeds on it and then as a by-product, produces harmful acids that damage the enamel on the front of the teeth. Bacteria can then penetrate deep into the tooth and cause infections, if the problem continues we either end up losing the tooth or getting a root canal treatment, neither of these are worth avoiding a few minutes a day that flossing requires. Washing the mouth with water throughout the day will also help to keep down acid build up, but be sure to have a little floss first. Flossing isn’t just for the morning and the evening, it should be done after each meal throughout the day to be fully effective and keep diseases of the gums at bay.

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