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Jan 18th, 2010 Why floss? By a Central London dentist Get in touch

Flossing was devised to eliminate plaque build-up, plaque is the dead bacteria that forms into tartar around the base of teeth. This tartar prevents the effect that brushing has on the teeth, without that protection our teeth will become brittle and break off before they are due to. Getting plaque removed every 6 months with a dental clean up is fine, but by then the damage is already irreversibly done. Flossing, says the Central London dentist, is done for an important reason and that reason is a preventative one. Imagine a corner of your garden being invaded by aggressive wild pigs, if they aren’t moved on they will destroy your garden, if when they die you leave the carcass to rot it will smell and cause more damage, as will all their natural waste if not removed daily. Now bring in the RSPCA to move them on and the problem is solved, a healthy smelling corner of your lovely garden is recovered to the satisfaction of all. Now, let’s think of flossing in that same way, the floss is the RSPCA and twice a day it moves the problem (pigs) on. Simple isn’t it, so why aren’t we doing it enough? Its mostly down to a lax attitude to our oral care, we are sometimes so engrossed in our day that we forget. Now at least when you next see a meal, you’ll remember that vision of the wild pigs and be reminded to floss your teeth at least twice a day. Drinking water and brushing after each meal is also a good way to keep bacteria build up at bay, carry a few flossing and tooth pick sticks with you in future. It takes just a few minutes to clean between the teeth after a meal.

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