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Jan 13th, 2014 Why London W1 needs Daily Hygiene for the Mouth Get in touch

357249_blogIt is very easy to think that if you miss a day of cleaning your teeth in London W1, you can just play catch-up later on. Well to a point you can, but bear one thing in mind here: bacteria is a constant threat to your mouth and it will get to work very quickly on your teeth if it isn’t removed; in just twelve hours, bacteria acids will start attacking the enamel of your teeth and if you keep being flippant about your daily hygiene, something will give in the end- namely your teeth. It is easy to say, but you must clean your teeth each day to prevent the build up of plaque, otherwise, it won’t take long before you find your teeth suffering from decay and your gums becoming diseased. Set yourself up with a good toothbrush and toothpaste; learn how to use them properly and make sure you use them three times a day, especially after meals. Take your time when you clean to ensure you get right into every corner of your mouth- this should be enough to remove all of this horrible sticky film that is left behind by food and drink; if you back your brushing up by using a dental floss and a mouthwash daily, your mouth should remain free of problems. It doesn’t take long to do, so do yourself and your teeth a favour- make time for this.

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