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Mar 10th, 2014 Why Londoners Should Protect Their Teeth When Playing Sports? Get in touch

737340_blogOne of the most common causes of dental injuries is sport. We all know that exercise has a number of benefits for your body and mind, but many activities carry a risk of injury and this is why protective equipment is so important. From helmets and knee pads, to mouth guards, there are ways of protecting yourself when you play sport so that you can ensure that you enjoy the game, rather than worrying about ending up in A and E.

Dental injuries and sport

Your teeth are incredibly strong, but if they are put up against a flying lacrosse ball, a high rugby tackle or a knockout punch, they are likely to come out worse for wear. Types of dental injury that may occur as a result of playing certain sports include fractured, chipped and split teeth, dislodged teeth, jaw fractures and facial injuries, such as a split lip.

Wearing a mouth guard is a means of protecting your teeth and lowering the risk of damage to your mouth in the event that you are subjected to a forceful blow, you suffer a fall or you crash into an opponent at high speed.

About mouth guards

Mouth guards are plastic appliances, which are also known as gum shields. They sit over the top of the teeth and help to protect the teeth fro injury. You can buy inexpensive mouth guards from sports shops, which you mould yourself, or invest in a dentist-made gum shield, which is custom-made.

Dentists generally recommend mouth guards for people who play lacrosse, hockey, football and rugby and those who participate in martial arts, wrestling and boxing.

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