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Aug 10th, 2011 Why wear dentures? London W1 dentists tell patients that they are a viable option Get in touch

The fact that so many people are still choosing to wear dentures is a testament to their effectiveness when it comes to overcoming the effects the lost teeth. Although their reputation could still be better, the public perception of dentures is finally beginning to change and this is not before time. Read on to find out about how and why modern dentures are such an effective solution to large scale tooth loss.

Anyone who has lost all of or most of their teeth will tell you that eating foods that are even moderately hard is virtually impossible. Your teeth are absolutely vital in the process of chewing food so that it can be digested, let alone swallowed in the first place. And this is to say nothing of how difficult it can be to talk and be understood with no teeth.

As such, you will need to get some sort of set of replacement teeth put in your mouth so that you can carry out these routine activities with ease. Dental implants can be utilised whereby devices are placed beneath the gum and against the jaw bone which can house replacement teeth permanently. This is a costly procedure however and one that requires invasive surgery. This might be too much for some patients, especially if they have underlying health issues that mean that local anaesthetic might not be appropriate.

For these people – as well as those on a budget – dentures might still represent the best option. You should ask your London W1 dentist about modern dentures and they will tell you how comfortable they are and effective at their job of replicating teeth.

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