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Mar 26th, 2013 Why you should Change your Toothbrush in West London Get in touch

There is no doubt that there are some incredible products around on the market today in west London that can help you look after your oral hygiene and the most important of these is your toothbrush. This is the tool that does the most work and will help to stave off problems such as plaque and tooth decay. There is an incredible amount of choice for you out there, from hand held to electric brushes; all do a fantastic job but they do come with a shelf-life attached to them, which is why you have to change them, or at least get new heads when it comes to electric ones. Over time, the bristles get worn down which means their effectiveness become compromised and so it is extremely important that you change them. Some brushes come with a colour coded bristle in them and when the colour fades, it’s the time they need to be renewed. However, 6 months is the time that you should be looking at to change your toothbrush in order to maintain a high level of oral hygiene and to ensure you are removing the perils that affect your teeth.


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