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Apr 10th, 2013 Why you should choose Dentures in London W1 Get in touch

Whatever spin is put on the selling of dentures, there is still a void between generations and some people still remember that ‘plink, plink fizz’ that used to surround advertising for denture cements; nay, taking a cup of tea to granny and seeing her teeth in a glass of water- the dentures also looked like something that had been won at a school fete. Along with this, dentures were notoriously hard to keep in the mouth as well, so steak was always off the menu. Things thankfully have changed and though it might be hard to believe, dentures are becoming fashionable again! There are a few reasons why they are back in fashion again: there has been a lot of science plied into the problem of gum disease and with some radical new treatments on offer, fewer teeth are being pulled out by dentists these days; this means that more and more people in London W1 are opting for partial dentures- they are easy to manage, look great and are cheap as well. Materials have played a major part in the denture revolution too: dentures look more natural and are made softer, so that they adhere and adjust to the changes in the mouth better. The cements have also cranked it up a notch and got better over the years. But probably the best innovation of all is the alliance between dentures and the dental implant; combined, your dentures are going nowhere. So grandma, your steak……medium rare wasn’t it?!!!!


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