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Jul 30th, 2011 Why you should get a Dental Check-up in London W1 Get in touch

It’s an annoying fact that some of us in London W1 still need reminding of the importance of a dental check-up. The market is flooded with an incredible range of oral products designed to keep our teeth and gums in check, and to keep the gremlins from running riot. Maybe that’s why we think we can opt out of some of our check-ups. But there are also other reasons to keep up going to the dentist on a regular basis. A dentist has a set of guidelines laid down to look after your teeth and this involves checking for a build up of bacteria, plaque, tartar and tooth decay. This will involve x-rays and cleaning and polishing of the teeth. If there are any problems, then the dentist can address them with a filling or recommend further treatments at a later date to get your teeth back on track. A check-up is also a good time to discuss any problems or worries you may have with your teeth. But you should also remember that things get out of hand pretty quickly in the mouth and if you miss out on a check-up, tooth decay and gum disease can set in fast, remedying treatments can become complex and expensive and if still left unchecked, can lead to tooth loss and even heart disease in the long run.

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