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Oct 15th, 2012 Why you should keep your teeth clean in West London Get in touch

The rhetoric to keeping your teeth clean can become a little overkill at times what with endless advertising in West London and the need to brush them at least twice a day. But sometimes, we can get complacent and so need reminding from time to time, and with good reason. It is easy to forget to brush from time to time, but be aware that until you brush the next time, bacteria is already going to work on the surfaces of your teeth as soon as you have finished brushing and one hiccup in you hygiene regime can lead to an outbreak of plaque- from which we get tooth decay and gum disease. Finding a good brush is paramount to getting the surfaces of the teeth clean, but brushing alone is not enough, and it’s lucky for you that the industry has flooded the market with other products to back-up you’re brushing. Flossing is recognized as a key element in oral hygiene and along with inter-dental brushes, they can reach areas between your teeth and around your gums that your brush won’t. Another important element in the equation is rinsing. Mouth-washes have got better over the years and anti-bacterial ones target rogues like plaque in the mouth and help to clean along the way. Finally, you have your dentist whom without, you would not be able to spot things getting out of hand before it’s too late, and then repair them; and they have the tools to clean in places that you wouldn’t dream of going.


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