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Jul 15th, 2013 Why You Should Still Think About Dentures In London W1 Get in touch

18625022What with dental bridges, implants and crowns being used to overcome the problems of tooth loss, you’d have thought that this would have been enough to put dentures out to pasture; but that isn’t the case and before you make a choice, you should maybe give them a look. Modern dentures are very comfortable to wear these days because apart from being made to look more natural, many dentures are manufactured from soft, malleable materials, so they not only feel comfortable, they stick to the tissue of the mouth better. Full dentures have benefited greatly from these improvements and they stay in position supremely well, especially if used with denture cements: they can also be combined with mini-implants, which lock the dentures firmly into place. However, because of the research that has gone into treating gum disease, fewer teeth are being lost these days, which has seen a large rise in the use of partial dentures: they are easy to manage, can be slipped in and out with no fuss and compared to other treatments out there, a very cheap option indeed to choose in London W1.

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