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Jun 7th, 2011 Why your Teeth should look White in the City of London Get in touch

Next time you’re at one of you’re city of London parties, just take a look at the more confidant, more expressive and more smiley of people in the room and then look at their teeth. Chances are that these wonderful characters have sensational white teeth. There’s a moral here. If you feel great about yourself and the way you look, other people are going to pick up on that too and the other point is, that when you meet someone for the first time, you will, though you may not initially realize it, make a snap judgment about them within seconds of them showing their teeth. On the other side of the coin, if you are in the position of having poor teeth, you may find yourself pulling back from the way you express yourself and in the long run you can become more and more introverted in what you do. Depending on your goals and your aspirations you want from life, having lovely white teeth just backs up your intentions and if you show that much discipline in your appearance, then to others it can be a sign that you carry this forward in everything you do: believe it or not, just teeth alone can help push you to the front of the queue, and seeing that having white teeth has never been easier and cheaper, not having them also speaks volumes about who you are too!

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