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Apr 4th, 2014 Wishes Granted By Whitening West London’s Pearly Whites Get in touch

18625010Tooth whitening is one of London’s most popular cosmetic dental treatments and we can offer an amazing system, which gives you a bright white smile in the comfort of your home.

Our highly effective home whitening treatments gradually lighten the shade of the teeth, giving you a radiant smile without you having to worry about taking time off work to go to the dentist or even leaving home. This innovative system whitens your teeth at home and you can wear your whitening tray during the night, so it won’t have any bearing on your normal daily life.

The treatment process

The process is amazingly simple and convenient. We make an impression of your teeth and this is used to create your custom-fit whitening tray. You then wear this tray during the night when you are at home for around 14 days. You will notice that your teeth look whiter and your smile looks gorgeous. The trays contain whitening agent, which works to lighten your teeth without causing any pain.

The results of whitening treatment are not permanent, but as the process is so easy, it can be repeated to prolong the results and maintain a healthy glow.

It is fairly common to experience mild sensitivity after whitening treatment, but this should subside rapidly.

If you’re looking for a stunning smile in time for the summer, now is the perfect time to give us a call and find out more about home whitening! Your amazing new white smile awaits!

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