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Nov 27th, 2012 Wonderful Dental Bonding in London W1 Get in touch

There are a lot of ways you can get your teeth patched up if something is not looking how it should, things like wear and tear, discolouration cracking and gaps can leave your teeth looking jaded, which affects the way you smile: you need confidence in your smile in a place London W1. Of course though, if you are busy, all you need it a short, sharp solution to the problem which isn’t going to be strung out over a couple of weeks. Well then, you should ask your dentist about dental bonding, because this is just what the person on the go is looking for. The procedure involves layering a series of tooth-coloured resins on the offending areas. As each one is laid, it is cured with a heat lamp until all the nasty bits have been covered up. Then the dentist can go to work on sculpturing and shaping the resin until the problems have been erased and your teeth look fabulous. Then after an intense polish, you are done, in anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour! Though the resins used are susceptible to staining and can get damaged more easily than veneers if you are not careful, you simply pop back and get the teeth touched up again.

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