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Aug 25th, 2014 Wrinkle Busting Botox Helps To Turn Your Frown Upside Down Get in touch

4863837_blogWrinkles are one of the most noticeable signs of ageing and they can make you feel old, as well as looking older. If wrinkles and lines are getting you down, we have just the tonic. Our non-invasive facial treatments revive and rejuvenate the skin and kicking wrinkles into touch by making you look and feel a million dollars.

The ins and outs of Botox

Botox is actually a purified form of toxin, but it is used in very dilute form and it considered a safe and effective anti-ageing treatment. Botox is injected into the skin using a very thin needle and it helps to target lines, folds and wrinkles by restricting muscle contraction; it does this by blocking the transmission of nerve signals to the muscles in the face. Botox can be used in different areas of the face and is a popular treatment for crow’s feet, skin folds around the nose and mouth and frown lines.

The Botox procedure is very quick and this means that treatment is very easy to fit in for patients who have hectic schedules. Typically, a treatment session takes around 15-20 minutes and as there are no after-effects to deal with, you can get straight back to the rest of your day without any worries about taking time off work to recover. When you have treatment, a very fine needle is used to inject the Botox into areas of the skin and the results will start to become noticeable shortly after.

Botox can act as a temporary, non-surgical alternative to more intensive long-term treatments, such as surgery, and it may be beneficial for those who want to look younger without being exposed to the risks of surgery.

How long do the results of Botox treatment last?

Botox is a temporary treatment, which usually lasts around 3-6 months. Once the results of treatment start to fade, it is possible for us to arrange repeat treatment sessions.

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