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Jul 4th, 2012 Yearly Dental Check-Ups with Your London W1 Dentist are Essential Get in touch

Some dental problems can sneak up on you. Cavities can start small and go unnoticed. You may be oblivious to bad breath. Swelling of the gums might not be very obvious. All these things and more can be happening in your mouth without you really giving it any thought. A dental professional will be able to catch these things easily and when caught early many dental issues are easy to treat.

Even when brushing diligently and flossing regularly it is always possible to miss a spot. Over time plaque might begin to build up and calcify. Once this has happened it will become firm and stubborn and very difficult to remove from home. When visiting your dentist for your regular check up they will be able to do a scaling and polishing in order to remove the hardened calculus.

Gum disease can begin with fairly benign symptoms. Some swelling, bleeding or tenderness from the gums, at first it is very easy to ignore these minor symptoms. During your dental check up your dentist will be able to see if they relate to any more serious conditions such as gum disease. There are then several types of treatment that they can try.

Dental check-ups are essential for helping keep your teeth healthy and strong. Check to see if you are due one soon and book now with your London W1 dentist.

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