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Dec 28th, 2012 You and the delightful Dermal Filler in Central London Get in touch

There are a lot of ways to try to push back the ageing process and one is to retain a beautiful smile, but there is very little point of getting all that dental work done if your lips are looking very much like an old handbag. Dentists in central London got very wise to this and they themselves began to work outside the mouth: after all, the needles they use for anaesthetics are perfect for ironing out these complications with a simple injection of collagen- dermal filler, into the lips. In fact they can also inject other parts of the face too such as worry lines on the forehead, or even to iron out scarring. In just around 30 minutes, the treatment is over with painlessly and frames the mouth beautifully with a youthful and refreshing new look. When you book in for this type of treatment with your dentist, you may have to go through a skin test first, as a tiny percent of people will react to collagen, although a lot of dermal fillers are more man made these days. There is only one drawback in the sense you may have to pop back from time to time for a top-up, but there is no denying the affect it can have on the way you look.

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