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Mar 14th, 2012 You and Your Hygienist in West London Get in touch

3707925_blogThere was a time, long ago in west London when your dentist was a real jack of all trades and did everything you required to your teeth, from fillings to cleaning.But as the years have gone by, dentistry has become very specialized, with people concentrating on certain areas of the mouth and defining their dental role by the job they provide.

One such character is the hygienist, who are pretty much a back-up to your dentist. Essentially, they are all about the cleaning of your teeth and helping you to keep them healthy at home. They will de-scale and polish the teeth in an attempt to avoid plaque, tartar and gum disease and so avoid the onset of periodontal disease and then advise you how to administer the correct oral hygiene practices on your own.

They are also very good listeners and can help you with your diet and giving up smoking in order to keep your gums and teeth healthy and strong. They act as the perfect back-up to your dentist and normally a session would last around 45 minutes and during that time they will be able to make a detailed analysis of the state of your mouth using x-rays and then sort out any problems that may be present. They can also help with preventative treatments by applying dental sealants in the fight against tooth decay and administering fluoride to the teeth to build up the strength of the enamel.

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