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Jan 18th, 2013 You And Your Jaw-Joints In West London Get in touch

Maybe many of you in west London would associate the term TMJ with jaw problems, and in a sense, that is what it has become. It actually stands for the temporomandibular joint, and it’s those two little joints that link the top jaw to the bottom jaw. For their size, these do an awful lot of work during the normal day as it is, but what needs to be avoided is any extra curricular stresses placed upon them as they can damage very easily too. For example, if you like to play contact sports, you need to protect your jaws with a quality mouth-guard to limit the possibility of damage. And speaking of which, the greatest damage you can give to these joint is through grinding your teeth. Your TMJ will soon start to become worn and you will notice problems when your jaws start to click, they may also start to ache regularly, indicating damage, which may take surgery to rectify. But the damage to this part of your mouth leads to further problems all the way up through your head and down through your neck and into your upper back. Any signs of problems need to be addressed as quickly as possible in order that you avoid serious complications in the future.

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