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Nov 30th, 2012 You and your Wisdom Teeth in the City of London Get in touch

You can be forgiven for thinking that life is a series of things happening in your mouth: By the time you reach adulthood, you would have already had to suffer teething, secondary teeth, filling and possibly braces to straighten your teeth with. Just when you think you’re in the clear and over the worst in the city of London, along come wisdom teeth! Now for the anointed ones among us, these teeth may not be a problem: they will cause a little discomfort but soothed with a little clove oil and erupt into the mouth perfectly and never be a problem (don’t you just hate these people!). For most of us however, wisdom teeth paint a very different story. If there is not enough room for the tooth to break through, they can grow in all directions, become impacted and then have to be removed. The removal of these teeth can be very complex, especially if they are not showing, and seeing as the trend is ‘if one’s a problem, then take out the lot’, you may well have this done in hospital. The forces needed to get rid of these teeth can be great, so in complex situations, you have to be monitored throughout the operation. Normally, you will be put under, but for anyone who has been awake during the treatment, even though you will be given an anaesthetic it will feel like someone is trying to tear your head off- that’s how much a wisdom tooth can dig in. You have to be mindful of infection after the operation until the wounds have completely healed.

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