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Mar 8th, 2009 You Can Get Treatment for Dental Decay in West London Get in touch

When you go for routine dental exams in West London, your dentist will check for the most common signs of dental decay. Unfortunately, even if you are very careful about brushing and flossing your teeth, cavities can begin to form. As you may be aware, it is best to halt the progress of tooth decay as quickly as possible. If you keep up with your scheduled cleanings and exams, it may only take a minimal amount of effort to keep your teeth in good condition.

Before certain types of bacteria begin making holes in your teeth, there will be some noticeable changes to the enamel. This may include changes in color, as well as other evidence that will be picked up on xrays. At this early stage, fluoride therapy and sealants can be used to stop dental decay. In some cases, making some dietary changes will even make it possible for small areas of enamel to regain good health.

Once cavities begin to eat away at the outer layers of your tooth, it will be necessary to clear away the affected tissue. Dental fillings can then be used to seal up the area, and make it possible for you to chew as you normally would. Ideally, these procedures should be done before the hole reaches the pulp, and nerve tissues located deep in the tooth structure. Unfortunately, once the pulp area becomes infected, it will be necessary to remove the tooth.

Even though you may not like dental drills and procedures, your dentist has a number of medications that can help you remain pain free and calm. Without a question, if you have cavities, it is better to treat them now, rather than try to deal with the consequences of not doing so later on. Aside from helping preserve good dental health, you will also be able to enjoy an attractive smile for the rest of your life.

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