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Sep 29th, 2014 You May Need To Check-Up Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Get in touch

3170978_blogWe know that some people are not exactly enthusiastic about visiting the dentist too often for a variety of reasons. You may be genuinely terrified, embarrassed or worried about your check-ups and we understand that. But you should know that we see a variety of dental cases each and every day and you would need to be an alien to shock us.  Our dental chair-side manner is second to none.

The Benefits Of A Dental Check-Up

The benefits of visiting us only a few times a year can ensure your dental condition remains intact. If you smoke, drink, have diabetes or an eating disorder, this need to get checked out becomes paramount. We see severe dental decay on an almost daily basis and a simple scale and polish could be enough to keep dental decay at bay.

The Floss Test

If you don’t floss regularly, we challenge you to floss and sniff. The smell that emanates is the smell of bacteria trapped between the teeth. This is the harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease and lead to tooth loss.  When you visit we tell you about the most damaging foods and give you information on healthy lifestyle alternatives. Your gums are important and can prevent bacteria entering the blood stream when strong and healthy. Tooth loss is a major inconvenience to people and it’s often only looked at too late. Don’t make the same mistake. Protect your teeth. Protect your confidence.

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