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Sep 11th, 2014 You Need To Know The Usual Bad Breath Suspects Get in touch

2603730_blogBad breath is a problem, which haunts many people, but if you suffer from unpleasant odours, it’s often very easy to find a solution. At Aqua Dental, we have expert dentists and dental hygienists who are waiting to help you out and ensure you feel confident smiling and speaking in public. Don’t let bad breath hold you back!

What causes bad breath?

When it comes to bad breath, bacteria are the main culprit and most cases are linked to collections of bacteria at the back of the tongue. When bacteria feed, they give off gases, which have an unpleasant odour and this is why the breath smells. Some people suffer from temporary spells of bad breath linked to the foods they eat, but for others, bad breath is more of a persistent problem and this usually indicates poor oral hygiene. The most common offenders when it comes to food and drink are coffee, tea, spicy food, onions and garlic.

Smoking is another common cause of bad breath; this is often labelled ‘smoker’s breath’.

What can be done to tackle bad breath?

The best ways of tackling bad breath are to maintain good oral hygiene and ensure you see your dentist on a regular basis. Good oral hygiene helps to ensure bacteria and food debris are removed before they can cause any problems and regular dental checks enable your dentist to spot any problems as early as possible.

If you have persistent bad breath, it’s also a really good idea to see a dental hygienist on a regular basis. Hygienists offer deep cleaning treatments, which penetrate the entire mouth to give a really intensive clean, which will leave your mouth free from harmful bacteria and feeling amazingly fresh and clean. Seeing a hygienist can also help to reduce your risk of gum disease and decay and ensure the teeth look bright and clean.

If you tend to suffer from bad breath after eating, we recommend carrying sugar-free chewing gum around with you.

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