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May 19th, 2011 You think you see it, but you really don’t! Invisalign in West London Get in touch

You can try to come to terms with traditional metal, fixed braces- you can get used to the intense cleaning program to keep your mouth hygienic, you can even get the hang of wearing them- not that you have a lot of choice, but it’s the way they often look in the mouth that people have trouble coming to terms with; they’re not always aesthetically pleasing to look at. But now, throughout surgeries in west London, dentist can offer a device that removes all of these problems, whilst reducing treatment times to over two-thirds- Invisalign. This cute little aligner is moulded from a clear material that is very difficult to see when it’s fitted around the teeth; for the very vain amongst us, this device is ‘manna from heaven’, removing the stigma that gives braces such bad press. On an oral hygiene level, it can be removed too, allowing you to keep your teeth clean and healthy during the time the treatment takes. If it has one downside, it’s a tad more expensive than its other peers, but this is definitely one occasion where the advantages outweigh the costs.

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