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Mar 15th, 2013 You, your London W1 Dentist and Sport Get in touch

In all walks of life, we try to look after ourselves as best as we can, but it is always a comfort to have people behind us if we get into a crisis and bail us out of jail. Our teeth are very important, so it’s essential to have a reliable dentist to turn to, especially when playing sports. If you play any sports in London W1, especially contact ones, you are putting your teeth in the firing line so you will need to take precautions and your dentist can help you out here by getting you measured up for a decent mouth-guard. A good, solid guard, designed to fit you perfectly can vastly reduce the damage that you are exposing yourself to: it can absorb impact, save your teeth and also vitally important, stop your jaws from getting damaged. Your dentist would rather save you than treat you post propter hoc; of course though, without saying ‘I told you so’, a good dentist will also be there for you if you do pick up injuries from time to time.


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