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Dec 11th, 2009 Younger looking smile with teeth whitening from West London dentist Get in touch

lTeeth whitening is one of the most effective and affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures and has been popularised recently by massive exposure of its benefits on television and in other media. We’ve all seen the makeover shows where even the most discoloured teeth are restored to a bright white colour and the dramatic effect this can have on a person’s appearance. This is almost certainly because teeth naturally discolour as we get older, so having whiter teeth is an instant way of looking younger and healthier.

There are several leading brands of teeth whitening treatment on the market, each with different treatment styles and benefits to best suit your particular condition and lifestyle. Two of the most popular systems are Zoom and Enlighten, each promising whiter teeth by up to ten shades with treatment in-surgery and with specially prepared less-concentrated take-home trays. West London dentists always recommend that you have whitening carried out by a trained dentist as many whitening kits available from the internet can cause damage to soft tissue, such as the lips and gums, if not correctly applied.

Whitening is usually effective for all patients but may take slightly longer for some people than others. This is simply because we all have an individual tooth colour and consistency and some teeth are more receptive to bleaching than others. Visible whitening results can usually be seen in all patients between a few days and a few weeks of treatment.

Whitening works by bleaching the stained enamel with an active agent, usually hydrogen peroxide. When activated, the peroxide releases oxygen into the enamel which begins to turn any discoloured patches white. Once bleached white, the enamel can stay white for up to three years helping you to have a younger looking and healthier smile.

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