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Jun 13th, 2009 Your City of London London Dentist Can Cure a Toothache Get in touch

Many people feel that a toothache is one of the most painful sensations in the world. Unfortunately, there are many people that do not go to a dentist until one or more teeth starts to hurt. In most cases, this pain could easily have been avoided with proper dental care and oral hygiene. That said, when a toothache does occur, you can visit your City of London dentist in order to obtain relief.

As you may be aware, there was a time when extraction was the only cure for a toothache. Today, there are a number of procedures that are far less damaging. For example, even if the tooth is infected, your dentist will be able to perform a root canal. This will enable you to keep your natural tooth, and also get rid of your toothache.

If your toothache is caused by some type of mechanical damage, your dentist should be able to repair it. Among other things, if you fractured a tooth, your dentist will be able to use a number of different materials to restore your oral comfort. Even if you dentist cannot repair the fracture, he/she can install a crown that will take the place of the original one.

Even though toothaches can be avoided, millions of people suffer with them each year. While you may be tempted to wait and see if the pain goes away, this can eliminate your ability to avoid having the tooth pulled. At the same time, if the tooth is infected, taking care of it early on can help reduce the risks of developing other health problems. Therefore, if you have a toothache, the best thing you can do is see your dentist.

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