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Apr 8th, 2014 Your Crowning Glory In The Centre Of London Get in touch

Beautiful Girl - Close UpIf you’re got a broken or decayed tooth in the centre of London, we can help! We use high quality materials to craft aesthetically pleasing, hard-wearing crowns for strong, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Crowns are a very popular type of restoration, which are used to treat decayed and damaged teeth. You may be advised to have a crown if your tooth is severely decayed or you have suffered dental injuries as a result of trauma or a sports injury, for example. Crowns help to make the teeth stronger and they also play an important role in stemming the spread of oral infection. Crowns are sometimes called caps; this is because they sit over the top of the tooth. We may also recommend fitting a new crown if you have had root canal treatment or if you have a missing tooth and you are considering dental implant treatment.

Thanks to Cerec technology, we are able to offer bespoke same-day crowns for our patients in London. Cerec enables us to design and make new crowns in a single session, so you don’t need a temporary crown and you can enjoy all the benefits of your treatment without having to wait for two weeks.

Porcelain crowns

We offer stunning porcelain crowns to create a healthy, natural look. We aim to match the colour of the crown with your natural tooth so that it is impossible to distinguish between the crown and the tooth and our high grade porcelain crowns also offer strength and durability. Once in place, our crowns should last for several years.

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