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Jan 26th, 2012 Your failing Heart and Sleep Apnoea in the City of London Get in touch


So hands up if you know what sleep apnoea is in the city of London? There is a good chance that many of you will not have a clue but it is a very nasty little condition that you may well not know you have until you heart fails you. It is a condition that crop up during your sleep. When you retire at night and go to sleep, your body then starts an automatic process that keeps all your vital organs operating as they should. The mouth and nose take air into the lungs whilst the brain helps to regulate your breathing and in turn, your heart will keep beating to help the blood flow around the body. Now, interfere with either of these and the rest become strained and things like breathing and heart rate become very disjointed. Over a sustained period of time, this can also affect your breathing during the day without you probably noticing it, but which puts extra strain on the heart. People most at risk are the heavy drinkers, the obese, or those who have had some form of damage in their spinal chord. But fixing the problem is not that easy. A dentist can supply you with a breathing apparatus to wear to keep the airways open during sleeping, but the order of the day is a complete lifestyle change and to get yourself fit and healthy to help regulate your breathing and to exercise the heart.

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