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Jun 13th, 2012 Your Local London Dentist can Help Solve Bad Breath Get in touch

Known as ‘halitosis’, bad breath is a major problem for many people but luckily is often easily cured. Your local London dentist can offer you several solutions to the problem. After eating there is often food particles stuck in your teeth and gums. The bacterium that lives in your mouth breaks down this food creating the bad odour that causes bad breath.  Most bad breath can be taken care of by maintaining healthy oral hygiene habits which regularly removes all the food and bacteria from your mouth. It is therefore important to brush, floss and clean your tongue frequently.

While it can be embarrassing for someone to tell you that you have bad breath, simply licking the back of your wrist and checking how it smells while give some indication of if your breath smells. If you find that you do have bad breath there are several ways it can be treated. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, this will remove bacteria, plaque and food particles from around your teeth. Flossing is also important as food may get trapped between your teeth and go untouched for a long period of time. Tongue cleaning is and often missed aspect of maintaining nice breath, a large amount of bacteria builds up on the surface of the tongue and without attention will begin to break down.

For more persistent problems with bad breath your local dentist can provide several other forms of treatment from the use of anti-bacterial mouthwash to the regular professional scaling and polishing that will thoroughly remove any stubborn plaque, bacteria or food.

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