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Jun 18th, 2012 Your Local West London Dentist can Talk to You about Cosmetic Dentistry to Fix a Gummy Smile Get in touch

When a large portion of someone’s smile shows their gums, this is known as a gummy smile. While many people are happy with it, for those who wish to change there are cosmetic procedures available to change smile. The gummy smile causes no medical problems or issues and the decision to alter your smile is completely a cosmetic one. Some people are born with gummy smiles and some develop them later in life. For the perfect smile the top lip reveals just a hint of the gum, your West London dentist is able offer corrective procedures to reduce the amount of gum that is displayed when smiling.

The modern dental treatment for a gummy smile is called ‘gum contouring’. This involves using a scalpel, or more recently a laser, to change the position of the upper lip. A local anaesthetic will be administered before the gum that covers the top teeth will be physically removed to reveal more teeth. While scalpel procedures are safe and effective, modern lasers are able to seal blood vessels in the process, making for a quicker and easier treatment. If it is necessary the dentist may be able to remove parts of the teeth to create the correct proportional size. Tooth crowns or veneers may be used to complete the new shape of the teeth.

Whether to alter a gummy smile is a very personal decision but it is worth speaking to your local dentist to talk through the options that are available. A new smile can bring about a renewed sense of self-confidence and pride.

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