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Jun 7th, 2009 Your London W1 Dentist Can Provide Painless Carries Detection Exams Get in touch

Not so long ago, when a dentist probed for cavities, it often caused some discomfort. Chances are, you may still remember your teeth being probed with fine needles in order to look for soft spots in the enamel. Today, painless carries detection is as simple as allowing your London W1 dentist to use a laser to find them.

Interestingly enough, dentists are having a harder time using traditional tools to spot tooth decay. Even though fluoride helps to strengthen enamel, it does not prevent infections from getting into small cracks. Once bacteria get into a weak spot in the enamel, they will start to attack the dentin and cementum. Therefore, even though a tooth may look perfectly healthy, it may be seriously damaged on the inside. Today, laser cavity detection can easily spot these locations.

As with any other health condition, it will always be to your advantage to have cavities discovered and treated as quickly as possible. Among other things, when cavities are very small, your dentist may not need to use a drill to remove decayed material. In particular, if the cavities are small enough, your dentist may be able to use air abrasion instead. At the same time, extremely small cavities may not even require filling. In these cases, your teeth may even form new enamel on their own.

Even if you normally have traditional cavity probes done, you may want to ask about laser detection methods. Aside from helping identify cavities earlier, you will find it much easier to tolerate. Without a question, if you have children at home, they may also benefit from having a laser cavity exam. At the very least, this can be an ideal compliment to using colour liquid agents that help locate dental plaque.

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