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Aug 22nd, 2013 Your Mouths Affect On Your Body In London W1 Get in touch

653788_blogHealthy mind, healthy body, a common phrase used all around London W1, but there is one missing off that list, healthy mouth then healthy mind and body because you will benefit greatly if you look after your mouth- if you don’t, then you may like to look away now. To choose the worst villain of all, it must be gum disease, for aside from the obvious threat to your teeth, this right old nasty will leak acidic poisons into your blood and the thing is that all these toxins will be deposited in the body’s most vital of organs and cause them to fail. You also run the danger of getting a tooth abscess, again, a charming little sideline of this disease: an abscess also poisons the blood, but tends to head north and it has been known to be fatal, as it can induce coma into the brain. Where’s the mind and body gone now eh? Just make sure you have a healthy diet, a balanced lifestyle and keep up a program of exceptional oral hygiene between yourself and your dentist or else…you may consider yourself warned!


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