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Aug 6th, 2012 Your oral future with a Dental Implant in London Get in touch

There was once a time in London when only an elite few could have dental implants fitted on order to overcome tooth loss and it wasn’t a coach trip either for those that had it done. It was a very complex procedure that ended with over six month’s recovery time before the new teeth could be fitted. Today however, this has changed completely with keyhole laser surgery that can have you fitted with an implant in a matter of hour and because there is little damage done to the gum tissue surrounding the implant, it can be a matter of weeks now before you are fitted with your new teeth. Concepts rarely change- for example, the process of placing an implant into the jaw hasn’t altered, but the technology to do it with has and because it has become easier to do, it has become widespread, it means it is no longer an exclusive treatment, it’s available to anyone- it is also affordable as well. Tooth loss is never easy to come to terms with and the thought of dentures can be unbearably shocking, but by having a life-long implant fitted, it can once again allow you that incredible freedom that you once had with your natural teeth.


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