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Jan 25th, 2012 Your Teeth and Gum Disease in West London Get in touch


It is a pretty open and shut case that most of us busy types in west London do our absolute best to maintain our oral hygiene in the time we have to ourselves during the day. But in a busy environment as the city, you could be forgiven for forgetting to look after your teeth constantly and even putting back the odd dental appointment, but you may not find your mouth so forgiving when things start to go wrong, and by skipping appointments, your dentist won’t be able to diagnose and repair the problems and the worst condition is gum disease which acts as a springboard to even more serious conditions. The gums are delicate and require lots of TLC to keep them healthy, but if they pick-up a disease, they can decline very quickly, leading to tooth loss. If your gums bleed or weep after cleaning, you will need to turn your hygiene around and watch what products you are using, especially alcohol based mouthwashes. Turning to herbal remedies can re-stimulate life into the gums and by rinsing your mouth with salt water will help stop the bleeding from your gums. But you really do need to get along to the dentist for further advice on stopping the problem. The can deep clean the teeth below the gum line and keep a close eye on any further development in the disease. But it’s beatable and often reversible if you’re willing to apply yourself to the scenario.

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