Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern cosmetic dentistry involves using both artistic skills in conjunction with functionality. At Aqua Dental Clinic we offer our patients high quality, world class cosmetic dentistry, where each patient's treatments are completely bespoke to their individual needs. London's number one cosmetic dentist Dr Anoop Maini has had extensive training in every area of cosmetic dentistry. He keeps up to date with all the very latest training methods and new technologies by regularly flying over to both the US and Europe. This enables him to deliver the best possible service to his patients who visit him from all over the country.

Cosmetic dentistry is a term used to describe any dental treatment which will improve dental aesthetics. Treatments include teeth whitening to create a brighter smile, more extensive work such as porcelain veneers, or even a smile makeover which can include a number of cosmetic dental treatment for a full on dazzling new smile.

We guarantee our work

We offer only the best treatments and materials which are high quality and extremely durable. We give our patients a three year guarantee on cosmetic treatments such as crowns, bridges, dental veneers and cosmetic bonding work. See terms and conditions for more details.

Cosmetic Bonding

We use cosmetic bonding treatment for minor problems such as chipped or cracked teeth, it is also very useful when filling in gaps between the teeth. Cosmetic bonding involves using a bonding substance which is the same shade as natural teeth. It is applied to teeth and moulded artfully to create the desired effect and shape. A very popular treatment involving cosmetic bonding is replacing amalgam fillings with white fillings, as they fit in naturally with the rest of the teeth for a sparkling smile.