Teeth Whitening

Professional Home Whitening from £265

In these modern times it can be difficult to maintain a bright, white smile. As part of our daily routines we often eat and drink things which can stain our teeth, such as having coffee and tea, drinking red wine and the staining effects of tobacco smoking. Stained teeth can lower self-esteem levels and make us feel dissatisfied with our teeth and smile.

Teeth whitening treatment gives you the chance to achieve a whiter, more dazzling smile by bleaching the teeth and making stains disappear. Here at Aqua Dental Clinic in North London we offer our patients the highly sophisticated professional Home Whitening System. You can achieve whitening in your own time without disturbing your day to day routine.

If you live in London or around the North London area and are interested in getting your teeth whitened why not contact us on our website, or indeed call us today for a consultation.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening from £550


At Aqua Dental Clinic, we use Enlighten Teeth Whitening, because it is the sole teeth whitening system with guaranteed results. You can be confident that by the end of your treatment you will have a glimmering smile.

We provide custom made whitening trays, which you wear overnight with our professional Enlighten teeth whitening gel. The treatment takes 14 days, and then is followed up with a one hour power-whitening treatment, after which you can enjoy a beautiful white smile.

If you live in the North London area and would like to enjoy a brighter smile, why not contact us on our website or call today for a consultation.