Daily Mail

How it works: the Aqua Dental Spa has recently launched CEREC (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic) which uses computer-aided design technology to take a digital image of the mouth instead of using traditional (and uncomfortable) impression trays. This is sent to an on-site milling system which produces the relevant restoration – from filling replacements, crowns and veneers – of the perfect size and colour for you within 20 minutes.

Good for: those who can't face the drilling, multiple injections and myriad appointments that accompany traditional restorations.

Ouch factor: it's all done under local anaesthetic and in one visit so the pain – and inconvenience – is minimal.

James Goolnik: "CEREC provides an alternative way of making a porcelain crown, veneer or inlay and saves a patient visit.

Price and contact: from £695 at Aqua Dental Spa, 24-5 Manchester Square, W1; 020 7935 5332, www.aquadentalclinic.co.uk