Dental Hygiene

Hygiene visit from £59

At Aqua Dental Clinic we believe that prevention is better than cure when it comes to our patient's teeth and gums. It is important that patients have twice yearly dental check-ups with us. Whilst at-home oral hygiene routines are very strongly advised, is it still likely that dental problems may arise. At Aqua Dental Clinic we use highly innovative technology which can spot dental problems which would be hard to see at home. We use special magnifying cameras which can show the teeth and gums from every angle on a large computer screen.

During every oral examination we give our patients an oral cancer screening as part of our treatment. Preventing dental problems before they worsen is extremely important to us; we believe that dental issues should be treated as quickly as possible to prevent further problems developing. Leaving dental health problems can results in more pain, more problems and more money spent.

Aqua Sparkle Polish (30mins)

This removes stains from teeth - e.g. tobacco and red wine - and does not involve scaling of the teeth.


Aqua Scaling and Air Polish (60mins)

This removes staining as well as calculus and plaque deposits on the teeth. It does not offer any treatment of underlying gum disease.


A Private Scale and Polish
at Aqua Dental Clinic

At Aqua Dental Clinic, you can now make an appointment with our Dental Hygienist without a dental check-up

What do Dental Hygienists do?

Dental Therapists and Hygienists provide a scale and polish hygiene treatment which makes sure your teeth are completely clean, even below the gum line where your toothbrush does not reach. If appropriate to your needs, they can also provide preventative treatments that make sure your teeth stay strong.

Our dental hygiene treatments include but are not limited to:

  • Scale and Polish
  • Preventative treatments to maintain healthy and strong teeth
  • Gum disease treatment

What is Direct Hygiene Access and How Does it Work?

Our Dental Therapists and Dental Hygienists are allowed to treat people even when they have not had a prior examination by a dentist, which means people can have dental hygiene treatments with us without registering with our dentists and being examined first. If they feel that you would benefit from an examination by a dentist, they will advise you.

If you have any questions or would like to book a direct hygiene appointment, please contact Aqua Dental Clinic for more information.

Direct Access (45mins)

Appointment with our Dental Hygienist without a dental check-up


Direct Access (60mins)

Appointment with our Dental Hygienist without a dental check-up


Hygiene treatment

Our dental hygienists are specially trained to look after the health of our patient's teeth and gums. They will clean and polish the teeth using the very latest dental technology, enabling them to remove any build-up of tartar or plaque. We are able to remove plaque and tarter that patients cannot remove themselves, even when brushing and flossing regularly. Many patients have told us how smooth and clean their teeth feel after we use our high-tech prophyflex cleaning system.

Our power cleaning system shoots a fine stream of compressed air, water and tiny particles of sodium bicarbonate on the teeth, which removes any debris and polishes the teeth at the same time. Minor stains can also be removed leaving teeth looking cleaner and producing a whiter smile.

Not only do our hygienists offer this cleaning system to patients, they are also keen to offer patients the best hints and tips on brushing and flossing and maintain a highly effective oral health routine at home.

Our practice is located in North London and we offer all the very latest hygiene treatments to all our patients. If you would like to join us, please fill in the contact sheet on our website or call us today and book your consultation with us.