Damon Braces

from £3750 for Both Jaws

Damon Braces
offer a fast and comfortable fixed braces orthodontic solution.

How Damon Braces Work

Instead of using elastic bands, the innovative Damon Braces use tiny clips to hold the wires in place on the brackets. This causes less friction so that teeth can be straightened much quicker.

The braces are made up of a mixture of white and metal materials and the brackets are much smaller than traditional brackets. Although they are not "invisible" like some other modern orthodontic braces, they are very discreet and can be worn with confidence.

The Benefits of Damon Braces:

  • Faster treatment means less time wearing braces.
  • Less friction on the brackets and wires allows the teeth to be moved into place quicker, often leaving treatments taking less than six months to complete.
  • They are comfortable to wear and easier to get used to in the mouth.
  • Reduced discomfort due to the teeth being moved into place gently and less need for regular dental visits as the treatment is quick.
  • Less need for adjustments, the average fixed braces treatment needs to be adjusted every six to eight weeks, but Damon braces only needed adjusting every ten weeks. Day to day life is not interrupted as much because of this.
  • Due to the brackets being smaller, it is easier to clean the teeth and maintain oral hygiene during treatment, especially as no elastic bands are used.
  • Smaller brackets mean that the braces are much more discreet in the mouth.
  • Damon Braces can offer patients a wider looking smile by expanding the teeth at the back and the side. This is especially helpful if patients have a narrow smile to begin with.

Damon Braces Treatment in North London

If Damon braces are something you are considering them why not get in touch with us via our contact form or give us a call and arrange a Damon braces consultation.

Damon Clear

At Aqua Dental Clinic we are proud to offer our patients a unique technology which offers the discreetness of clear aligners with the technology of fixed braces. Damon Clear braces are made just like traditional Damon Braces, using a small clip in place of elastic bands and gentle friction to move the teeth into place. The main difference is that the wires and brackets are clear, making these braces highly discreet.

The Benefits of Damon Clear

Damon Clear braces are able to move the teeth gently and quickly, reducing treatment time and lessening discomfort. Damon Braces are much faster that many other orthodontic treatments, reducing the time needed wearing the braces. Results from Damon Braces have been extremely impressive and patients are left happy with their new straighter smile in less time. Damon Clear braces offer all this and compete discretion because of the clear wiring and brackets. They are also much smaller than other fixed brace brackets so oral hygiene can easily be maintained.

12 Month Retainer Guarantee

At Aqua Dental Clinic, we offer a 12 month guarantee on all retainers. Should retainers break within the first 12 months of the end of your treatment and need replacing, we will replace them completely free of charge.