Simpli5 treatment from £1150

At Aqua Dental Clinic we offer Simpli5 braces, which are an orthodontic treatment consisting of five clear aligners, which focus on moving mild orthodontic issues at the front upper and lower teeth. This is a great orthodontic solution for patients who only need minor movements to the front teeth such as small gaps or crowding. Simpli5 offers patients fast and effective results discreetly.

A fast and comfortable orthodontic option

Simpli5 clear aligners are incredibly discreet just like Invisalign aligners, and can also be removed, making every day things like dining and cleaning teeth easy to maintain. The aligners cause minimal change to speech and look "invisible". The aligners take a month to be made and prepared, the aligners are worn for between ten to twenty weeks according to each individual patient's needs. Simpli5 is also cost effective, coming in cheaper than many other similar braces systems.

Stages of treatment

Your consultation

We will first examine your teeth and decide if Simpli5 is the correct orthodontic appliance for your needs. If Simpli5 will not be effective, other orthodontic treatments can be discussed as an alternative option.

Making the aligners

If together we decide that Simpli5 aligners are the best braces system for you, we will take impressions of your teeth so that the aligners can then me custom made. Innovative computer technology is then used to create 3D images of the teeth in order to make them fit and work as well as possible.

Treatment begins

Once the aligners have been made, we will get you started on your first set of aligners. It will take a short time to get used to the aligners initially, which is normal for any orthodontic treatment. The first aligners and proceeding aligners will be worn for four weeks at a time. This depends on each individual patient's dental plan. You should feel the aligner becoming slightly loose in the mouth towards the end of the four weeks, which means it is time for your next set of aligners. We would ask you to come for a check-up every five or six weeks and it is likely you will only need five sets of aligners overall. Treatment time is usually about four months.

Enjoy a straighter smile

Now that the aligners have done their work, you can smile and laugh with friends and family without worrying about the appearance of your teeth.

12 Month Retainer Guarantee

At Aqua Dental Clinic, we offer a 12 month guarantee on all retainers. Should retainers break within the first 12 months of the end of your treatment and need replacing, we will replace them completely free of charge.