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Composite Bonding & Veneers For patients living in and around London

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When teeth suffer from problems like chips, cracks and breakages, composite bonding – sometimes called composite veneers – is the simple process used to cover damage and leave them looking better than new.

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For patients living in and around London

When teeth suffer from problems like chips, cracks and breakages, composite bonding – sometimes called composite veneers – is the simple process used to cover damage and leave them looking better than new.

It’s easiest to think of the composite bonding process as sculpting for your smile. Your cosmetic dentist uses a durable, malleable tooth-coloured material to dress the teeth to give them a new shape and sheen.

Composite bonding is a comfortable, non-invasive procedure that can be used to address a myriad of cosmetic problems. In some cases, it is faster and more effective to use composite bonding to fill gaps between teeth instead of opting for lengthy orthodontic treatment.

  • Fixes chips, cracks and breaks
  • Fills the gaps between teeth
  • Covers discolouration
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Kind to the teeth
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The Cosmetic Bonding Process

Your Aqua Consultation

If your teeth are chipped and cracked, or if you have gaps between the teeth, your dentist may recommend cosmetic bonding as the most effective way of repairing the damage. The process all begins with a consultation at Aqua Dental, where our expert team will let you know whether the treatment is suitable for you.



If you choose to go ahead with cosmetic bonding, we’ll begin by getting the tooth ready for treatment. To do this, we apply a gentle abrasive to roughen the tooth’s surface and make it easy for the composite material to bond.

invislaign check up at Aqua Dental


With the tooth properly prepared, we’re ready to begin sculpting. We’ll apply a tooth-coloured composite material to cover any damage and create perfectly shaped new teeth. A light is used to cure the composite and help it to harden before we polish and buff the composite until it looks and feels just like a natural tooth.

Smile Away

That’s all there is to it! In most cases, composite bonding doesn’t even require an anaesthetic. The entire process takes only an hour or so, meaning you can leave Aqua Dental on the same day with a brand new smile.


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I have nothing but great things to say about Neera and Anoop and their extremely friendly and warming reception team. Being a dentist i was naturally very selective over whom i approached to have some cosmetic work completed to my teeth. After having my work completed, i knew i had made the right decision. I am delighted with the work Anoop has completed and extremely grateful for his expertise

Julie Bartlett

My first visit today to enquire and the receptionist was so helpful and answered all my questions with so much interest in me the customer. I will be back, you don't get service like that often . Thank you.

Maren Deepwell

Dr Maini has been our wonderful dentist for over 10 years. The team at Aqua Dental Clinic is extremely helpful and always there in an emergency. With practical tips our dental health has really improved and we now have much fewer problems than before. However with new technology and expert advice even the most complicated treatment has been a good experience and offers exceptional value for money. I don’t have good teeth and always tried to avoid going to the dentist until I met Dr Maini. Highly recommend this outstanding practice.

Laura Jackman

Fabulous practice which I would highly recommend. Clean, welcoming, helpful & wonderful, friendly staff

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