Jun 22nd, 2015 Brighten Your Smile for the Summer Months Get in touch

Nothing screams summer like a bright white smile, so what better time to treat your teeth to a stunning whitening treatment? With our incredibly convenient home whitening system, you can enjoy amazing results from the comfort of home.

About home whitening

Home whitening is a really simple means of bringing out the best of your smile and injecting some summer sparkle. If your teeth are looking a little discoloured or you simply want a brighter smile for holidays or special occasions, this could be the ideal solution. Home whitening is easy, comfortable and above all, convenient.

Before you start treatment, we will have an informal consultation with you to talk to you about the ins and outs of treatment and give your mouth a once over to check you don’t have any underlying oral health issues before we begin. If there are problems, such as decay or signs of gum disease, we will suggest treating these before we start the whitening process. We create impressions of your teeth using dental putty and these are sent to the laboratory. Around two weeks later, your whitening trays, which look similar to mouth guards, will be ready to take home.

The trays contain whitening agent, which lightens the shade of your teeth when it comes into contact with the outer enamel layer. After just two weeks of wearing the trays for six hours per day, you will notice incredible results and your smile will look stunning.

Is home whitening safe?

The home whitening products we use are tried and tested and all patients have a consultation to assess their oral health status before treatment. Our dentists are highly experienced and they have expertise in cosmetic dentistry, so rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

To find out more, simply call us and arrange a consultation.

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