Dec 22nd, 2017 How Aqua Dental Clinic can Make your Smile Shine For Christmas Get in touch

Do you dream of a shining, sparkling smile this Christmas? If a beautiful smile is top of your wish-list, you’ve come to the right place!

Our treatments

At Aqua Dental Clinic, we offer a range of cosmetic dental treatments, which are capable of transforming your smile. If you’re desperate for a glossy, bright smile this winter, we recommend tooth whitening treatment, a safe and effective means of giving your pearly whites a little added sparkle. We are delighted to offer Enlighten whitening, the UK’s leading professional whitening system.

Enlighten is a treatment, which can lighten the shade of the teeth by up to 10 shades. It uses a combination of at-home and in-chair techniques to achieve incredible results. For the first 2 weeks of treatment, you will wear custom-made trays, which contain Enlighten whitening agent. You simply wear the trays at home for around 6 hours per day. On the 15th day, we organise an in-chair session, which will give your teeth an extra whitening boost. We apply whitening agent to your teeth and then activate it with a light source. You can relax and chill out and after one hour, your treatment will be complete and you can see your gorgeous new smile for the first time.

We also recommend a dental hygiene session for those who are looking for a brighter, healthier-looking smile without having cosmetic treatment. Often, surface stains can make the teeth look dull and discoloured and our hygiene treatments are a painless, simple solution.

If you’re longing for a brighter smile this Christmas, call us now and book a consultation!

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