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We have all had a dry mouth at some point in our lives and it is caused directly by the lack of saliva flowing around the mouth

Normally, the problem can be easily resolved by drinking lots of fluids or chewing gum.

But, sometimes, such things as a poor diet, a weak immune system, heavy medication, drinking and smoking can prolong the period of a dry mouth and this is where problems like gum disease and tooth decay can set in, which ironically in return, can also lead to a dry mouth.

The mouth’s saliva is an important natural factor in helping to remove bacteria from the mouth and prevent the build-up of plaque.

With this gone the mouth will dry up quickly and become vulnerable. Once you have noticed a problem, you should see your dentist as quickly as you can in order to identify what is causing the problem and then tackle it head-on.

Change your diet, improve your water intake, anything you can to keep your mouth hydrated and then once you have addressed all of the more obvious ones, tackle the less obvious: the products you use can also promote a dry mouth so like anything else that you try, you will have to put a few on a ‘trial and error’ tack until the problem has gone away.

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