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Implant Retained Dentures: Better than Dentures

Tooth loss is a common dental concern

If you’re a denture wearer, you’ll know how uncomfortable they can be, not to mention how they move and slip in your mouth. Wish this didn’t happen? Well, why not try implant-retained dentures to secure them for life? Our award-winning practice provides world-class dental implant treatments that work with dentures to ensure they never slip out of place again.

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Tooth loss is a common dental concern

Don’t get used to the problem!

Conventional dentures have no attachment to your gums – they entirely rely on suction to keep them in place. However, as you might know, suction is not always enough to keep them from moving when you talk and eat. Further to this, for many patients experiencing tooth loss, their gums shrink, which means the hope of achieving sufficient suction to avoid instability is difficult.

And whilst most denture wearers might settle for this as standard, we’re here to tell you there’s an affordable solution on the horizon, and it’s well within your reach.

Using advanced dental implant technology and combining them with dentures means you no longer have to sacrifice your quality of life. Learn more about implants.

Introducing the innovative implant retained denture

When placing dental implants into the gums, we can achieve physical retention for the denture. Using abutments (metal posts that fix onto the implant) to click into the denture, we can hold your denture in place very firmly. Since implant-retained dentures do not rely on suction for it to stay in place, the design of these new dentures ensures that the root of your mouth is uncovered – where a conventional denture would typically cover the whole roof of your mouth.

You might not know that this reduces the taste sensation and the ability to eat well and comfortably. However, in the case of implant-retained dentures, this is no longer an issue.

How do they work?

The implant-retained denture, or “clip-on denture”, consists of two parts: The implant and the denture.

The denture is cleaned and maintained the same way as your regular denture is. They can be removed to clean and clipped back on once finished. The implant itself is looked after the same way as natural teeth, meaning you will be able to brush them twice a day. Like all-on-four, other alternative implant procedures replace an entire arch and are stronger and longer-lasting.

New smiles

Are there any limitations?

Patients can undoubtedly expect improved eating and the ability to eat most things. However, it would be unrealistic to expect the ability to bite directly into an apple with implant-retained dentures. Putting hard pressure on the front teeth might dislodge them. Therefore, we would recommend doing the most chewing with your back teeth. You should also expect the slight movement of the dentures as you chew, but in contrast, they are much more secure with implants.

Why Aqua dental?

It’s rare to find a clinic specialising in dentures and implants – but we listen to our patients and hear their concerns. We understand the problems they face from ill-fitting dentures and have the right experience to solve this problem.

New implantologists and implant clinics might not understand the traditional techniques for making great dentures, but we do – and as these procedures require a particular skill set, we would recommend opting for a dentist like us, who have the relevant qualifications and experience.

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