Confused about cosmetic dentistry options?

Dental implants can look and feel so natural you might forget that they are not your own!

Multiple Dental Implants to Restore Several Missing Teeth

And that’s precisely why hundreds of our previous patients have restored their smile with this realistic, long-lasting procedure.

Dental implants securely anchor natural-looking prosthetic teeth in place as natural tooth roots do.

Multiple implants in a nutshell

  • Straightforward process completed under anaesthetic
  • The implant provides solid support for replacement teeth
  • Alleviates the need to file neighbouring healthy teeth
  • Eating is easier, and speech is improved
  • Boost confidence because they look and feel like natural teeth
  • Require no unique cleaning routines
  • Help to preserve the quality of bone in the jaw

Replacing multiple gaps in the mouth

Depending on your case and where the tooth loss occurs, you might not necessarily need individual implants to replace each gap.

Your bespoke treatment plan will depend on how many teeth are missing, any teeth that are failing, the location of these teeth and where they are in relation to each other, not to mention jawbone volume.

A more cost-effective approach is often to place an implant at either end of the tooth gap and then bridge the gap with a dental bridge.

Other restorative options, which use a minimum number of implants, include implant-retained dentures and same-day teeth known as ‘All-on-Four.’

Enquire about multiple implants.

Are you suitable?

Knowing if you are a suitable candidate for implants can determine which treatment you are recommended. For example, it is common for patients who have had missing teeth for some time to experience bone loss in their jawbone.

Dental implants require an adequate amount of bone and healthy gums (so gum disease can also be a problem here).

Patients not wanting to undergo bone grafts and potential sinus lifts can turn to procedures like ‘Teeth in a Day’ to bypass this. But what is best for your oral state will be recommended by our implant specialist Dr Brookshaw.

Knowing if you are a suitable candidate for implants can determine which treatment you are recommended.

The implant process

Similar to that of single implants, the multiple implant replacement process will see an oral surgeon position titanium screws into your jawbone, just like the root of a natural tooth. Three months or so later, once a period of healing has come to an end, and the implant has had enough time to fuse, we will finish the restoration with a crown or bridge.

  • Stage 1: Planning
  • Stage 2: Preparing implant site
  • Stage 3: Implant placement

Prices for this procedure will be based on your individual needs, and we will provide you with a quote after an initial implant consultation. Books yours here (Our implant practice is in Pinner).

Missing teeth can cause severe problems

Not replacing gaps in the mouth has contributed to several dental health issues. For example, the first consequence of not replacing missing teeth is that your existing teeth move and compensate for the missing teeth.

Your bite is affected, and you’ll be more prone to issues like low jaw bone density and gum disease, two things that make placing dental implants more difficult.

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